In the Garden

by little hexes

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released September 30, 2011

Anmarie Trimble – vocals, acoustic guitar, tambourine
Amy Spreadborough – vocals, bass guitar, acoustic guitar, baritone guitar
Ned Faulhaber – double bass, keyboards

Additional musicians
Jessica Anderly – cello & vocals
Mark Burdon – drums & percussion
Dylan Magierek – percussion

Produced by little hexes
Dylan Magierek co-producer and sound editor on Hierophant
Tracks 1,5 engineered by Graham Nystrom at Grey House Studio, Portland, OR
Tracks 2,3,4,6,7 engineered by Dylan Magierek at Scenic Burrows, Portland, OR

Cover art: Molly Hayden
Design: Jen Kilcoyne
Photography: Michael Zaugg



all rights reserved


little hexes Portland, Oregon

:: Specialty Spells ::

:: love potions *
* car wrecks
jägermeister kiss
* :: cake mixes * *
sirens :: * * ::
* ugly face
:: * :: flower voyeur :: * ::
::: hierophants*::
hot chocolate-tasking tongue~~~
you don't need a doctor,
^^^you need a nurse *
*+++ persephone! * :: *
box hedges * :: *
> cactus man <
.. * ::: *
:: * bluebirds
:: suffers from blue in the heat of plenty
... more

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Track Name: Hierophant
Cat catches bird cuz she has to
Dog eats the trash cuz she wants to
Wind bends the wheat when she’s blowin’
Dirt grows the seeds that you’re sowin’
Horse runs because she is built to
The master whips cuz he’s cruel
Cat cries because she is in heat
Dog eats the trash cuz there’s no meat

And I will listen when you speak about the person you could be

Some dark soul gave you his grey eyes
And kissed his darkness on your mouth—
Take aim at all the ones you love
Your words—you shoot them like a gun

And I will listen when you speak about the person you could be

You think you stand on solid ground
As we float on our continents
Stars burn to make the elements
As you become what you despise

And I will listen when you speak about the person you could be
Track Name: Have Sympathy for King Marke
Well you think that you know her, doesn’t mean that you do
Just because you can feel it, doesn’t mean that it’s real
You drank from that bottle, could it mean love isn’t true?
A king and a bed and some trouble — why can’t we pretend

I’ve got a mirror held up to your face
Why don’t we obscure it with a bit of disgrace
I’ve got my this potion, it’s bitter and sweet
It turns coal to diamonds, will it make you love me—

She got blonde from a box top, she can bake you a cake
She’s charming and sweet to the lepers
What more could you ask for, what more could you ask for
I’ll throw you to tigers—

Sometimes there’s a sword that sleeps between us—
Track Name: Phineas Gaged
He laughs and a little bit of light comes in
And it shoots straight out of his eye.
His friends, they hardly recognized him
And after a while they wouldn’t even try.

By all accounts he was deceased
But when he stood up his odds increased—
Memory’s intact, but everything’s changed—
You think things were bad before—

Now you’re Phineas Gaged

You think you’re handy with that spike of yours
But you know it leads to whiskey and whores—
I see it coming for my face
What a fine spring day to be erased—

And written again
This time not caring
Written again
This time angry and mean
Written again
This time swearing
Not sweet anymore
Not innocent
Phineas Gaged
Track Name: Cactus Man
Your love grows in hot houses
You tease pads of needles to blossom
You’re teasing me, too—

Orchids (too Victorian for you)
Mangoes and peppers (boring)
What do you grow here?
The cactus are so thickly spined
Under glass I thought you were mine
Flower voyeur—

What fear makes the flower thrilling?
You leave me these desert fruits—
an empty bed,
skin stinging
& flecked with red.
Flower voyeur—
What do you fear?
Track Name: In the Garden
In the garden is where you’ll find her
How to get there isn’t easy
Past the box hedge and the roses
Through the thicket where it’s thickest
There’s a fence post by the lilac
It will guide you past the beehives
Full of honey, full of darkness
But don’t stop here—she is somewhere

She says, I’m really behind on all my living

In the meadow there is a car wreck
It is ancient, it’s still on fire
I’ll bet you’re wonderin’ where this is leading
In the chrome you see the driver

She says, I’m really behind on all my living

Then she turns into a cricket
That the child keeps in a glass jar
She won’t sing until you free it
In the garden is where you’ll find her
Track Name: Mister Madame Bovary
The patient fevers in his unmade bed
Suffers from his running & broken hearted—
His boy-blue eyes turn to weather—
How’s living with the doctor gonna make it better?

A teaspoon of sugar helps the medicine go down—

He suffers from see-through negligee
Suffers from Cadillacs and sailor’s ways
Suffers from blue in the heat of plenty
Suffers from the love of Jesus going away

The doctor recommends a theoretical purge
A quantum-paradoxic-anatomic measure
He languishes in bright-red negligee
His boy-blue heart turns to whether

You don’t need a doctor, you need a nurse!